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Our Collective

Summer Steele
Summer Steele

I am a council holder, a fertility awareness method educator, a birth keeper, and a creative, and above all, I am a mama and a barefooted wild woman who walks in service to the holy and beauty of everyday Life. Within The Village Collective I lead circles and council, sovereign cycling consultations, and host workshops.

Sheaffer Palermo
Sheaffer Palermo

I am here to participate in the movement of remembering. Remembering that we are the authority of our bodies and our births and our babies. Remembering that the power to birth on our own terms is our human right. I am here remembering the ways of plant medicines, and spiritual guidance, and a skill set that has been lost to technology. I am here using my heart and my hands and my intuition, and hold in deep reverence the vast remembrance of other seekers. I curiously call upon ancient & bone deep wisdom to navigate birth and mothering. I am holding the lamplight for others to find the path of remembering for themselves~ not to be an authority but to co-create an experience based on trust of the Divine and of Self. I am a mother, birth attendant, & student midwife. Within The Village Collective I am offering a la carte classes that are supportive for the childbearing year. Stay tuned!

Crystal Miller
Crystal Miller

As a doula I believe in the mystery that unfolds during pregnancy and through the process of birth. Every birthing person (and their close family members) deserves informed, competent, non-judgmental and compassionate support during this tender time. Whether you are choosing to birth in a hospital, at home, or in a birthing center, and with or without pain medication, my role as your doula is to support and honor YOUR choices and to provide you with information to help you make the decisions that feel right for you and your family. 

Giving birth is an amazing opportunity to remember your power; the innate power that all women hold in our sacred role as life givers. Giving birth is hard work, and by embracing the experience fully you can move through it in an empowering way.  It is my honor to walk alongside you as you make this transition to parenthood. 

Within The Village I offer Birth Attendance, Dream Work and Ceremonial Spaces, along with leading circles, councils, and workshops.

Our Values


We believe that the childbearing years are profound times of self transformation.

We believe that mothering is deep spiritual work.

We  believe that when our sons and daughters witness the childbearing experiences of others that the future of birth in our society will change.

We believe that birthing families have a right to make informed choices for their bodies and their babies.


We believe that humans have the right to a sovereign and free life.

We believe that the rites of passage innate to womanhood are sacred portals that, when supported and honored, have the capacity to create powerful ripples for the rest of our lives.

We believe in the wisdom and knowledge within each unique human that rightly directs the compass of their intuition. 

We believe that when mothers are resourced, centered, and exalted, the village thrives. 

We believe there are ancestral maps pointing the way and we follow the tracks to listen and create a modern integrated way of being. 

We believe in balanced feminine and masculine harmony. 


We strongly believe in womens power to collectively heal each other, and that no one woman can find her strength in solitude. That we NEED these spaces where we feel safe and held and seen.


We believe in coming together and  beginning , wherever we are at, to create ceremonies honoring  these sacred rites of passage. We know that we have that right and it IS OKAY to be where you are in this spiral - that we slowly bit by bit reclaim our power and capacity. 


We  believe that we need to step UP and step IN to these spaces to heal ourselves, Mother Earth, and our future generations of girls who will become women who will become mothers who will become elders.


We believe in cultivating a deep connection to the unknown, a connection to source so that no matter what happens we are fully sourced in ourselves. 

We believe that the childbearing years are ripe with potential for our human evolution. 

We believe in consciously creating community to support each other's evolution, we can not do this work alone.


We honor and respect the lived experiences of each individual. We are committed to listening to, learning from, and supporting people whose lived experiences differ from our own.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." 
- Arundhati Roy

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